½ Price (Appetizer) 4-7pm Monday – Friday

BURRATA DI BUFALA  Homemade buffalo mozzarella cheese and roasted bell peppers over toasted bread; topped with sun-dried tomatoes on a bed of mixed greens – Our most popular antipasti!  15.95

BRUSCHETTA MIXTA  Toasted bread with (Roasted bell pepper, kalamata olives, garlic and extra virgin olive oil), (Roasted zucchini, eggplant, mushrooms and tomatoes) and (Arugula mascarpone cheese and strawberry) An Italian classic!  9.95

BRESAOLA  Thinly sliced cured beef, parmigiano, arugula and olive oil 12.95

CALAMARI FRITTI  Fried calamari with marinara sauce 12.95

GARLIC BREAD  5.95 (With cheese 6.95)

CALAMARI GRIGLIATI Grilled calamari with a marinara sauce 15.95

RAVIOLI FRITTI Fried ravioli with marinara sauce 12.95

CAPRESE  Fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, basil and extra virgin olive oil  9.95

CROSTINI DI PROSCIUTTO E MOZZARELLA  Toasted bread with prosciutto, sage and fresh mozzarella  9.95

VERDURE ALLA GRIGLIA  Grilled zucchini, eggplant, tomatoes, carrots, mushrooms and radicchio  9.95

ITALIAN CHEESE BREADSTICK  Small sticks of cheese wrapped in slightly sweet dough and fried to golden perfection 12.95

POLPETTE  Traditional Italian meatballs baked in a marinara sauce  12.95

SAUSAGES  Tiny pieces of Italian sausages in a spice tomato sauce 10.95

PANINI SLIDERS  Combinations of Panini caprese, salami or grilled vegetables with a side of fries or salad 12.95

PIZZA 8’ ( With two toppings ) Additional toppings  0.95

Pepperoni, mushrooms, sausages, kalamata olives, ham, artichoke, beef, chicken, Bell peppers, onions, zucchini, spinach, eggplant, arugula, pepperoncini, jalapeños 11.95