BRACIOLE Slow cooked beef braciole rolled and filled with parmesan cheese, garlic, ham, simmered in a red chianti pomodoro sauce with pappardelle pasta.  Mamma's Special.

SOLE ROLLATI Filet of sole filled with seafood in pink vodka sauce topped with shrimp on top.

LOBSTER AGNOLOTTI With sage butter sauce and julienned vegetables.

BUTTER SQUASH RAVIOLI With sage butter and cranberry sauce.

POLLO FIORENTINA Grilled boneless chicken breast sauteed with marsala wine, mushrooms, spinach, and melted mozzarella cheese.

POLLO ROLATTA Chicken breast stuffed with asparagus, spinach, prosciutto and fresh mozarella.

BURRATTA Homemade mozzarella cheese over a toasted garlic bread topped with roasted bellpeppers on a bed of mixed greens